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Singer Sewing Parts
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Singer Sewing Parts

singer sewing partsSinger sewing machines, like all valuable tools, become irreplaceable over time. Despite the new models with all the latest features, it can be difficult to part with an old dependable Singer sewing machine that has been in the family for years. That's why the Sew Shop makes an effort to carry most common and hard-to-find Singer sewing parts to keep on your sewing task.    

singer sewing partsThe more mature your Singer sewing machine, the more difficult it can be to determine which Singer sewing parts you need. The Singer experts can assist you in tracking down the exact Singer sewing parts you require. In fact, the Sew Shop carries a larger variety of Singer sewing parts on-hand than the manufacturer.

Having difficulty identifying the year your Singer machine was born? Find out using our convenient Date Your Singer Sewing Machine Chart.

You may have found the Singer sewing parts you need, but do you know what to do with them now?

In addition to carrying Singer sewing parts, the Sew Shop has the expertise to install your Singer sewing parts restoring your Singer sewing machine to new out-of-the-box condition. Whether it's Singer feet, Singer bobbins, Singer sewing machine gears, Singer light bulbs, Singer sewing machine belts or any other Singer sewing parts, you can find them all at the Sew Shop.

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Of all the Singer sewing parts, sewing machine furniture may be the next best purchase after buying your sewing machine.

The Sew Shop offers a variety of sewing machine cabinets, sewing furniture, sewing machine bags and sewing machine carrying cases for the proper storing and transporting of your Singer sewing machine. You no longer have to battle with other family members for counter or table space when you want to work on your sewing project. With a sewing cabinet or sewing desk, you easily store your sewing machine and all the sewing accessories you depend on to complete your sewing piece. Sew longer with a comfortable sewing chair that allows you to maneuver around your sewing machine to view every angle of your sewing project. And when it's time to take your sewing machine with you, you won't risk it getting damaged with a Blue Fig sewing machine bag from the Sew Shop.

The Sew Shop carries the following sewing machine furniture brands:
  • Horn Cabinets
  • Arrow Sewing Cabinets
  • Kangeroo Kabinets
  • Koala Sewing Cabinets

Read more about it on our Sewing Machine Furniture page.

Rely on the Sew Shop for all the Singer sewing parts you need. Visit one of our local sewing centers or call the Sew Shop at 888-873-9822. For our online customers, feel free to call us or use the convenient contact form below to submit any Singer sewing part questions you may have.

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